Welcome to your journey as an independent insurance agent. This short guide provides you with some of the tools, strategies, and insights to establish, manage, and grow a successful independent insurance business. The freedom and responsibility of operating independently can be rewarding if navigated wisely.

Licensing and Certification

Setting Up Your Business

Building Relationships with Carriers

Marketing Your Business

Sales Strategies and Customer Service

Operational Efficiency

Growth and Expansion

Starting and running an independent insurance agency is a formidable endeavor that requires dedication, strategic planning, and continuous learning. By applying the guidelines outlined in this survival guide, you can build a robust foundation for a rewarding career in the insurance industry. Stay adaptable, seek opportunities for growth, and prioritize your clients’ needs to ensure long-term success.

This guide covers broader and more detailed strategies for establishing yourself as an independent insurance agent or broker. If you’d like additional details, contact our team at support@brokers-broker.com.

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