Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions. We have answers.

Currently we support enrollment access and contracting for Small, Mid-Market, and Large Group, Individual/Short Term Major Medical (ON and OFF Exchange). Dental, Vision, Medicare Supplement, Advantage, and Part D plans are also supported through our agency.

Yes. It is your property to transfer to another general agency, or take directly to the carrier whenever you please. We will assist you in the process when you are ready, and introduce you to our carrier contacts. We encourage business owners to request contract level increases as it allows us to determine those with interest in continuing agency growth.

The first step in contracting with our agency is completing the document on the Contracting page. Email with any additonal appointment requests not specified on the contract. Please specify the product line and carrier you wish to appoint, and a representative from our agent support team will quickly respond to your request. You will receive notification when your appointment or transfer has been approved.

Commissions will be the standard producer level for all of the carriers we contract with, which varies state by state. If you have another contract level with a carrier currently please contact for information. Commission advances are not available at this time through our General Agency.

Commissions will be paid directly from the respective carrier for which you sold the policy. We are the facilitator for your contracts, however your commissions are paid direct.  We receive an over-ride from the carriers, which we pass on to you by way of no-cost technology and production bonuses.

This will vary from carrier to carrier and product to product, but typically range from $5-$10/policy on new business. We offer this incentive in place of sponsored E&O or lead programs. This allows the agent to decide what to do for spend on marketing with their override commissions, rather than the General Agency deciding for them. No matter how small an override we receive, you will always receive a bonus (for override paying carriers.)

Every agent referred will receive production bonuses. This will be a dollar amount equivalent to the bonus you as the referring agent will receive for each policy put in-force by the referred agent. Every dollar in bonuses your agents receive for production, you will receive the same amount for having referred that agent.

If you cannot find it here, Please contact us! We would love to hear from you!